Honors Programs

Can you provide information on any honors programs in the colleges my student is applying to?

Below I have listed the universities in your student’s application plan that offer honor programs. Some of them are offered college-wide, others are offered through the departments. Programs offers several benefits including research opportunities, scholarships, housing, as well as course and career advice.
Honors Programs - http://web.stanford.edu/group/ughb/cgi-bin/handbook/index.php/Honors_Programs
The honors programs are designed to allow undergraduates with strong academic records and enthusiasm for independent research to engage in a significant project leading to a degree with honors. This option is particularly valuable for students who intend to pursue a Ph.D. because it provides research experience that helps prepare a student for doctoral-level work. Typically, these programs are competitive in terms of their admission and also require that the student find a faculty member to supervise the work.
Honors programs currently exist in Architectural Design, Atmosphere/Energy, Bioengineering, Biomechanical Engineering, Biomedical Computation, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Engineering Physics, Environmental Engineering, Individually Designed Major in Engineering and Mechanical Engineering.

Purdue Honors College
The Purdue Honors College is a residential college that seeks to educate the whole student and bridge the gap between curricular and extracurricular learning. The Honors College hopes to draw curious, motivated, and dedicated students who want to be a part of a diverse community of scholars.

Selection Criteria
The Purdue Honors College admits future college freshmen who have completed the Honors College Application.
Students must use the common app to apply to Purdue University and complete the Honors College section of the application by November 1st in order to be considered for admission to the honors college.
The selection process for Honors College invitations is holistic. GPA, test scores, aptitude for interdisciplinary learning, leadership, and engagement are all considered.
Students must agree to complete the Honors College curriculum.
Students who choose to live on campus must agree to live in the Honors College residences their first year with an Honors College roommate.

University of Michigan - Ann Arbor

Engineering honors program - http://honors.engin.umich.edu/
The College of Engineering Honors Program may be a great fit for you!
Students in the program develop academic breadth and depth while enhancing their leadership skills. Working closely with faculty and equally motivated students, program participants complete a capstone project, develop skills through Honors seminars, and make a difference through community service projects.

What should I do before I apply to the Honors Program?
Prospective Honors students have found the following steps useful in preparing to apply for admission:
Attend an Honors Information session (typically held in September and January of each year – please contact our office for additional information)
Explore courses towards minors offered at the University of Michigan
Stop by the Engineering Honors & Engagement office for peer advising
Contact faculty and other recommenders to complete the Honors Recommendation Form
Create a long-term academic plan with your undergraduate departmental advisor

California Polytechnic State University
University Honors Program- http://www.honors.calpoly.edu/
The Honors Program provides curricular and extracurricular programming designed to foster intellectual engagement, knowledge discovery, and the mutual exchange of ideas. Honors faculty are partners in this journey and contribute greatly to the success of the program. Having the opportunity to work closely with interesting, engaged, motivated, and caring faculty members is often cited as a program strength by Honors students.

Honors courses, research projects, teaching assignments, service learning projects, study abroad programs, dedicated meeting/study space, campus housing, and other activities provide Honors students with many opportunities to expand and enrich their academic experiences in the company of similarly motivated peers.

The application process for the incoming class for Fall 2016 has closed. Applications for Fall 2017 will will available in mid March 2017. New students as well as continuing Cal Poly students are eligible to apply. Minimum requirements are summarized below.

Admission to the University Honors Program is highly competitive, and application materials are carefully reviewed. Please ensure that all requested applications materials are submitted before the deadline. Incomplete or late applications will not be considered under any circumstances. All application materials must be submitted electronically.

University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign - http://illinois.edu/academics/honors.html
At Illinois, we offer honors options of several kinds: support for students applying for nationally competitive scholarships; honors work in academic departments; the college-wide James Scholar honors programs; and the community of "Chancellor's Scholars" in the Campus Honors Program.

When you are admitted as a James Scholar or Chancellor's Scholar, your first year will include special opportunities and events with the following objectives:

To help build friendships with other students who share a special interest in intellectual adventure and professional growth;

To introduce the vast variety of resources and events at Illinois, the worlds of learning and culture just beyond the classroom door.

University of California
University of California, Davis Honors Program- https://honors.ucdavis.edu/

Admission to the University Honors Program is by invitation. You will be notified in your UCDavis acceptance e-mail and packet. Students who have been invited to the program must accept their offer of admission to UHP via the MyAdmissions website by May 1st, the deadline to accept admission to UC Davis as a whole.

Note: There is no application process. If you are invited, you are automatically accepted into UHP.

University of California, Los Angeles Honors Program- http://www.honors.ucla.edu/

College Honors at UCLA is a four-year academic program designed to encourage high academic achievement and individual excellence. Students attain College Honors by completing a diverse selection of honors coursework and maintaining superior grades. Honors counselors help students integrate their honors curriculum with other University and major requirements for the bachelor’s degree. After successful completion of the program, the accolade of College Honors appears on both the transcript and the diploma.

Incoming freshmen must either be in the top 3% of the high school graduating class OR have at least a 4.1 weighted, capped GPA along with a combined SAT score of at least 2080, and ACT score of 31.

University of California, Riverside Honors Program http://honors.ucr.edu/

Admission to University Honors is by invitation only to students who meet the program's admissions eligibility criteria. Eligible students will receive an e-mail invitation that will provide a direct link to the University Honors application. For incoming first-year and transfer students, the invitation will be sent to the e-mail address listed on the UC admissions application.

University of California, San Diego Honors College-Muir Honors College-Revelle
Each year Muir College invites the most academically successful students in its incoming freshman class to participate in the Muir Freshman Honors Seminar led by Provost John Moore. Students enroll in the one-unit seminar Muir 90H Undergraduate Education and the Modern Research University which meets weekly with a different member of the UC San Diego faculty during Fall quarter to discuss his or her current research. The seminar offers academically gifted students the opportunity to meet faculty from a wide range of disciplines in a small group setting. Students also appreciate the chance to get to know other high achieving students in the freshman class - many long-term friendships have been made in the seminar. Criteria for admission to the seminar change yearly. For information, please contact the Muir Honors Advisor.

University of California, Santa Barbara Honors Program
The Honors Program is designed to give students in the College of Letters and Science the opportunity to pursue their interests as part of a community of scholars. The program connects you to the resources of a large university while providing an intimate collegiate atmosphere where you work closely with peers and professors in small classes, research laboratories, and special programs and activities.

You must be a student in the College of Letters and Science to participate in the Honors Program. You can be admitted to the Honors Program during three windows of opportunity:

Prior to your first term at UCSB through automatic admission (for Regents Scholars and select incoming freshmen) or by invitation (for select transfer students)
By applying to the program between your freshman and sophomore years, if you have completed at least 36 letter-graded units with a cumulative GPA of 3.6 or above.
By applying to the program between your sophomore and junior years, if you have completed at least 72 letter-graded units with a cumulative GPA of 3.6 or above.

University of California, Santa Cruz Honors Program
Undergraduate Honors Programs aims to encourage and enhance the academic experience of students who seek exceptional challenge and growth. We do this through the development and support of communities of learning, such as the UC Santa Cruz College Scholars Program and co-ordination of other academic challenge programs throughout the university.

University of California, Irvine UCI Honors Program

The Campuswide Honors Program is dedicated to promoting high standards of scholastic excellence and personal growth by combining the qualities of a liberal arts college with the unique opportunities offered by a major research university.

All freshman applicants to UC Irvine are considered for admission to the Campuswide Honors Program. Applicants are invited to the program based on an application review by the faculty in each academic school.

University of California, Berkeley - The EECS Honors Degree Program-

The EECS Honors Degree Program is designed to provide very talented undergraduate students with more flexibility at the undergraduate level.

At least 45 units completed at Berkeley.
This may also include up to ten AP units.
Junior Transfers must have at least 12 units completed at UC Berkeley.
Completion of lower-division major requirements.
Minimum overall and technical GPA of 3.7.
Interest in undergraduate research and an academic discipline outside of EECS.
Students may apply while they have final requirements in progress. Applications will be reviewed after grades are finalized.

UT Austin - Honors program
The University of Texas at Austin offers a wide variety of opportunities for students to pursue a rigorous, research-oriented undergraduate curriculum. But if you’re looking for more than the usual challenge, apply to a freshman honors program.
Honors classes introduce students to advanced scholarship while the programs offer individualized advising, exposure to a community of thought leaders and the opportunity to interact with professors and professionals driving innovation in the field. Meanwhile, dedicated honors housing offers students access to special support and a close-knit community.

If you have graduated or will soon graduate from high school or receive a GED and you have not enrolled in another college or university after graduating, apply for freshman admission.

To be considered, submit the following:
The online application
Like other Texas public universities, we use the ApplyTexas application. Use it to report your complete academic record, including college credit earned as dual credit.

University of Washington - Honors program
The University of Washington Honors Program adds rich dimension to one of the world’s top research universities for undergraduates who are up to the challenge. Students have three options to benefit from our Program: as an interdisciplinary education track, as an in-depth program within their majors, or as a combination of the two. Our core interdisciplinary curriculum promotes expansive critical thinking, engaged global citizenship, and comprehensive learning that builds resilience and collaborative practice. Students may apply to the Honors Program as new freshmen, at the end of their first year, or once they've selected a major.

Carnegie Mellon University - The College of Engineering Honors Research Program
The College of Engineering Honors Program was started in 1980 to give talented undergraduates an opportunity to work closely with faculty on research projects much like graduate-level research.

Each spring, faculty members are asked to identify research topics for honor student participation. These topics are posted by department in the sidebar. Juniors who have an accumulated QPA of at least 3.5 receive an invitation to participate in the program.

Honors students will work on their projects during their senior year, earning the equivalent of 18-24 units. Student are required to register for the College of Engineering Honor Research Project 39-500. A student must complete at least 18 units in 39-500 on the same research topic.

The program culminates with a poster competition at the Undergraduate Research Symposium, "Meeting of the Minds," a university-wide celebration of undergraduate research.

Northwestern University - Honors program
A student with a strong academic record may be admitted to McCormick’s Honors Program any time during their junior or pre-senior year.

At the time of admission to the program, the student must have a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.50 or higher.

Students must file their application with the Office of Undergraduate Engineering at least three full quarters before completing their degree requirements.

Complete at least three (3) units of approved advanced study with a B average or better. This could be done by taking courses normally accepted at the graduate level. Courses taken would only apply to the undergraduate degree.
Complete an extended independent study program (at least two quarters) on the same topic leading to an acceptable report.

Rice University- Honors Programs
To enroll in the two semester Rice Undergraduate Scholars Program, students register for HONS 470-471 Proposal Development and Research. This program is for juniors and seniors in all disciplines who are considering graduate study and an academic career after graduation. Students enroll in the program plan and execute independent research under the supervision of a sponsoring faculty member (they may apply for funding to cover expenses related to their projects). They meet once a week to discuss each other's work and to hear a range of presentations on life in academia. Students may apply in the spring of each year. For more information, contact the program's faculty co-director.