Scholarships, Financial Aid, Fellowships for Business program

I would like to take up Business Undergraduate program during 2019. As I am an International applicant, I would like to know the prospects of securing scholarship/financial Aid/ fellowships to support my education.

Here's a comprehensive list of merit-based scholarships. In the tab marked "International" there are several scholarships available to international students:

Here's a webpage that talks about looking for scholarship scams. Those large databases don't always fact-check, so be careful. If there's something that you're not sure about, send us the link and we'll make sure it's valid for you.

Some schools offer scholarships and need based financial aid specifically for international students, so when you devise a college list, let us know and we'll look up what's available for you. I can also look up any specifications, but since international student scholarships are normally provided by private schools, each school has different guidelines. I'd recommend taking the TOEFL to try to get merit-based scholarships. A lot of schools require that for international students anyway.